Frequently Asked Queries

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Yes We Do ! Just send us an email with all the necessary information, Our Warehouse Team will contact you and you can then send your shipment to our Warehouse.

Yes we will absolutely add your promotional inserts in your Order at a certain fee. We understand the importance of a brand and how important it is for a Business.

Hakimi Logistics has accounts with FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL. We Work with the best and the one who provides us with the cheapest rate for a given order

It Does not, we will send you Weekly Invoice for your shipping payments

No We are on Demand Warehousing and Fulfillment Service provider. You pay for the space & services you use on a monthly basis.

It can be anything based on your requirement. If you need us to recount your inventory, or have items unloaded from a Container, or load it on a container, Labelling & Barcoding your products, or any other services which you would need. We can assist you. Just call us and our customer associate will provide you a quote based on the scope of the special project.

Q.Do You require products to be labelled or have UPC Barcodes?

Yes we do require each unique sku to be barcoded and have it labelled. Items arriving at the warehouse need to be barcoded. If you didn't barcode your products we can do it for you. Charges will be based on hourly rate

Q. How Does Your FBA Process Work?

  • Send us your inventory to our Warehouse in Houston
  • Send us all the information, Shipment Plan, Labels, and remaining things on [email protected]
  • We Will Prep your shipment and have it ready to be sent to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Q. Do You Have Daily Pick Ups?

Yes We have daily pick up from all our Carriers. Our daily pick up time cut off is 1pm CST.

Q.Do You Provide same day order fulfillment ?

Yes if your orders are placed before 1pm from Monday - Saturday it will be fulfilled the same day.

Q. Can I ship my items to your Warehouse Internationally?

Yes you can ship your items to our warehouse internationally. Just email us all the documents, and we will take care of the Unloading process. Custom, Duty and other fees will not be paid by us.

Q.Does Hakimi Logistics provide Inventory Insurance for my products ?

No We Don't offer insurance to products which we don't own legally. You can add our warehouse as your secondary location.

Q. What happens if an order is not delivered to a correct location?

We Will cover the return cost of your product and have it delivered to your customer in no time. We will not charge you anything for the return or the new shipment label created. You will not have to pay for our mistakes.

Q. Can we visit your Warehouse to see how my products are stored?

Yes absolutely you can visit the warehouse anytime. Just send us an email or call us 24 hour prior to your arrival and confirm your timings. We Would love to give you our warehouse tour.

Q. How quickly can you get my items shipped to Amazon FBA warehouse ?

It depends on your shipment size. But on average it takes around 12 - 72 hours for us to prep your shipment.

Q. Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Yes You can. We understand how important custom packaging is for a growing business and having customized branded packaging. For custom boxes & packaging we will charge you as an additional item of an order, and you will be able to see the packaging cost in your weekly invoices.